Chippendale Doll’s Pie Crust Tea Table

Chippendale doll house pie crust tea table, circa 1790-1815.
Chippendale doll house pie crust tea table, circa 1790-1815.

A miniature Chippendale pie crust tea table has the original surface. The central column has  two swells. The lower swell is a bulbous turning with carved swirls. The pedestal is raised on graceful tripod arched cabriole legs, with ridged pad feet on platforms. Better tables had raised rims and sharp carving. The pie crust edge is well done. Overall it is a nicely scaled piece.

This doll house tea table is typical of full scale tea tables that would have been found among the furnishings of affluent homes.

This historically accurate period print documents a child with her furnished room and doll. Seated in the garden, a little girl places a hat on her doll while her mother sews. The furnished room sits on the ground beside her. A Chippendale tea table, with a pie crust edge, bulbous turned pedestal on arched cabriole legs and pad feet is the centerpiece of the doll’s parlor.

The scale of furnishings made for early toy rooms were generally larger in scale than pieces found in mid 19th century doll houses. Doll houses were rarely found in America until after 1850.

  • Maker: Unknown.
  • Circa: 1790 – 1815.
  • Origin: Unknown.
  • Materials: Mahogany.
  • Size: 4 7/8”H x 4” diameter top.
  • Provenance: Chalfont Antiques and Marion Mauze Antiques.